Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Taste of the Script

The beginning of the script of our first documentary film called Democtatorship goes like this:

"There is a long tradition in the Philippines of standing up to an opressive authority. In fact, it was most of the Philippine national heroes´ doing …. and sometimes also their undoing.

Mounting a series of rebellions and insurgencies first against Spanish colonizers, then their American successors and finally against Japanese occupation during World War II, Filipinos were bleeding all along on their way to freedom.

They finally achieved independence in 1946, but being independent doesn´t necessarily mean being free as Filipinos were to painfully find out when they reelected Ferdinand Marcos for president in 1969.
Not happy with the prospect of having to leave the presidential palace for good when his second term is over he declared martial law in 1972 effectively monopolizing all the state power for years to come. His time finally came in February 1986 when the nation managed to rid itself of the dictator in what was one of the first modern people power revolutions.

It was over in four days and became known as EDSA after the long avenue that circles around Manila. For once it wasn´t traffic jamming it to standstill but people. They came in huge numbers to show support for military rebels who abandoned president Marcos for the sake of democracy.

Since then, as you can read in any Philipppine history schoolbook, EDSA symbolizes courage, unity, justice and truth to Filipinos and is their constant source of pride. Fully aware of this we had every reason to believe the 20th anniversary of the revolution would be a splendid celebration of everything that is good in the Filipino.
As we boarded our plane headed for Manila in February 2006 we had no idea how wrong we actually were…"

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